About 7 Peaks Run

Head for the hills, fill your lungs with fresh alpine air and hit the trails running. Test and build your stamina on a series of colour-coded runs spanning the 7 Peaks of Victoria – Mt Baw Baw, Mount Buffalo, Mt Buller, Dinner Plain, Falls Creek, Hotham and Lake Mountain.

Weave your way through snowgum forests  and towering stands of Mountain Ash, duck between a jumble of granite boulders, sweep past carpets of wildflowers. With over 200km of mapped running trails, there’s a course to suit every level of fitness and experience.

Route Classifications


  • Distance of less than 5km
  • Moderately easy terrain, short sections of technical but mostly easy, single track + fire trails/roads. Groomed or mostly flat underfoot. No waterway crossings, no steep descents, few obstacles and limited tight switchbacks
  • All  run-able gradient, undulating in general with no more than 5% pushing more than 1:10
  • Total Ascent less than 250m
  • Route Markers excellent with markers at every junctions


  • Distance of 5-10 kms
  • Moderately challenging terrain, mix of technical and non technical, single track with potential of trail debris, Some steep descents, obstacles and limited tight switchbacks. Mixed surface – mud, potentially 1-2 easy water crossings
  • Mostly run-able gradient,  but has some short (100m) step ascent and decent sections with approx 10% pushing more than 1:10
  • Total Ascent 250 – 500 metres
  • Route Markers good at every junction with a few  reminders
  • Requires periods of focussed concentration


  • Distance of 10-15 kms
  • Difficult technical terrain that is extremely demanding
  • May have water crossings which require runner to slow to walking pace, may have obstacles which require focus to avoid head/upper body .
  • May require short climbs requiring hands.
  • Includes hard cornering, switchbacks and winding sections
  •  Total Ascent 500 – 800 metres
  • Lots of steep ascent and descent (more than 1:10 for over 30% of route)
  • Route Markers more sporadic and navigational skills may be necessary
  • Requires long periods of focussed concentration for safe foot fall and navigational accuracy